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Want content that generates revenue?


I’m Akachukwu, a revenue-focused B2B content writer for SaaS, Web3, and E-commerce brands.

I help companies like yours, with long-form content that pulls in leads, engages them, and turns them into the loyal customers you desire.




The challenge

Traffic is okay. But as long as it doesn’t help you meet your business objectives (revenue, brand awareness, or traffic), it remains a vanity metric. 

That’s the role of revenue-focused content. 

It’s the optimal mix of content that’s written to rank, position your brand as an authority, bring in leads, and generate revenue.

But it takes time. 

Time that’s better spent on product development, communication with customers, and so on.   

That’s where I – the guy in the hat – come in…👇

Content for brands that want to generate Revenue

I use a framework for writing content that combines my understanding of thought leadership, SEO, your product, and your ICP.

Here’s the process I’d use for your project:


The result?

Revenue-focused content

Content that:


I used the same process for this article, currently ranking second on Google, on a page with a DA of 13


And this ranks third, defeating high DA sites such as Wordstream (81)


Here's what people say about me

Ready to start generating Revenue with content?

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What to expect


Steps For Success

Here’s a simple 4-step process I use to ensure we have a great working relationship

  • First step
    If you decide to work together with me, fill out the brief on my contact page. I’d go through it, and get back to you within 24 hours (1 working day).
  • Brief chat
    I’ll go through the details you provide in the form. And if we’re a good fit, we will have a quick chat to streamline our working process and know each other better. It’s also an opportunity for me to know more about what you need and decide on metrics for success.
  • Outlining
    To avoid back and forth, I’d create a detailed outline and send it over to you.
  • Drafting
    Once I get a thumbs up on the outline, I’ll start putting the words together, and submit by the pre-agreed deadline. Before the deadline elapses, you’d receive updates about my progress and let you know of any challenges.
  • Revisions
    Now, we’re at the end of the road. You’re allowed to go through the content, and point out areas for improvement. You get two rounds of — potential — edits.
  • Revisions
    Once we’re done with your project, I’ll send you an exit survey. This is a way for you to rate my performance and offer possible suggestions to make for a better working relationship in the future.